The Brand

In 2017 Antonia Foyle founded the British Luxury Brand, Verheyen London.

The brand epitomises the romantic and ethereal silhouettes of the bohemian 1970’s and the Edwardian era with a bold modern edge that remains feminine and effortless. The brand has identified a need for high quality outerwear at less expensive prices than the luxury world has to offer. Antonia designs luxurious coats offering women a chance to collect investment pieces, instead of succumbing to the world of “throw away” fashion. All styles are produced in a limited quantity on pre-order only, ensuring that we work on a carefully curated and small-scale production so there is little waste. Working with a number of London based artisans for both sampling and materials, we manage to maintain a low shipping impact and carbon footprint, whilst supporting local businesses in London.

Antonia Foyle, the creative designer, studied History and History of Art at University and then graduated from Fashion College as a Stylist. She has always had a love of the history and romance of fashion and for clothes that “tell a story”.
Antonia brings you a collection Inspired by her Hungarian and Irish heritage and a background steeped in art, literature, music and business. Having been influenced by strong and elegant female figures in her family has brought her to this point; bringing her outerwear designs globally to women.

The core business focuses on women’s ready to wear collections and is committed to making outerwear with permanence. Romantic investment pieces are reinvented season after season. Durable and versatile, these coats are distinctive and meticulously made by expert English manufacturers in London.
These are coats that will stand the test of time and we hope are passed down for generations to come.

“Every day should be a dream brought to life. I believe that everyone is looking for this.”