Whilst using high quality materials combined with function, and beauty with we incorporation expert craftsmanship into our designs. Craftsmanship is what defines us as a brand shown in the quality and beauty of what we create. Our artisans who we work with closely in London are our family. They show the beauty of what fashion is meant to be and that for sustainability expert artisans are to be cherished so that we can continue the beauty of artisanal work forever. Empowering them by looking after them, providing more jobs in the industry we start to move towards a safer and more equal world where the well being of others is continued. Craftsmanship is a way of doing business: we know the people behind our products and each person who makes your coat makes it with love and care. Craftsmanship relates to our emotional values too, encouraging a deeper connection between the consumer and the clothes. If clothes are made with love and care; the one who wears them will love and care for them.


As a brand, we pledge to always look for new innovative ways to be more sustainable as the world constantly changes. We would like to transform the way clothes are made, not only by craftsmanship and quality but also by using the best materials we can use. By using new technologies, considered materials and always seeking new solutions.

As a brand sustainability is at its core – we believe it creating a more sustainable world by creating high quality items to be cherished forever and not just for a season.


On select items we offer a bespoke service where coats and jackets can be made to order. We believe that when an item is made to order and fit your body perfectly, the coat will be a piece to treasure forever and something that you will wear time and time again. We also offer select pieces in a range of colour options on select occasions, where we will offer colours in limited runs for clients to choose from – choosing their own personally made coat of jacket in the colour of their choice.


We believe that adding sentimentality to your clothes adds true value – something to be handed down for generations. By adding someone’s name in their clothing, adds a personal touch that can only be found in the world of bespoke. We offer this to bring emotion and sentimentality to your Verheyen pieces, so that they will always be treasured and handed down to your loved ones forever. We have introduced monogramming onto our coats