Today we speak with the pyromusical genius Serena Foyle who is the founder of @Foylefireworks.

Serena Foyle is a Pyromusical producer with a unique approach to combining music with fireworks.

Having won at the, “Art en Ciel”: International Fireworks Competition in Monaco last year, she is a pioneer in the fireworks industry having founded a company with a much more artistic and unique approach to fireworks. This cool girl really knows her music, from techno to classical – every show is different and mind blowing taking fireworks to the new level of art form.

Music has been paramount in her life from a very young age, with emphasis on performance throughout her musical education. Serena trained with a Russian concert pianist before going on to Edinburgh University to study Classical music. Intrigued by contemporary music, she later went on to study Music Production at the London School of Sound.

With her insanely varied and good taste in music, combined with her musical talent and vision, she creates the best fireworks shows I have ever seen. I hope you all get to experience one of her shows one day!

1) What are the things that you have realised you miss most? 

Like everyone, seeing friends of course and not just chatting to them over a Zoom call. It just isnt quite the same!

2) Where are you at the moment?

At my home in the Scottish Borders

3) What is your daily routine?

I My routine has been completely turned upside down at the moment as I am now looking after my two small children full time. So I only get a little bit of time during the day, and now spend the eveings working! Fortunately I quite enjoy night time for working anyway, as I can think freely about designing my shows with no emails, phone calls or distractions. 

4) What is your favourite lockdown outfit?

Anything easy that I can run around after children in, usually my Paige jeans and whatever top I can get my hands on.

5) What do you do for mindfulness/things to keep you positive? 

 I have been spending a lot of time outside and really enjoying the Spring weather. Small blessings! I am so enjoying seeing the different Spring flowers and have a new addiction with picking them. I make multiple arrangements around the house and brings me so much joy and feels so uplifting. 

6) What will you never take for granted again? 

Time. Despite how strange the situation is from our usual way of life, I find it is making me very aware about time and how fast it can move. Despite everything, I am feeling grateful for the time I am spending with my children for this little moment in time.

7) What is your makeup and skincare routine?

Visible Difference by Elizabeth Arden, best moisturiser, an old staple! Then rose water for cleansing and anything with rose to be honest. I adore Ren products for this reason too.

8) Favourite music/podcasts/books?

I focus most of my attention on music because of my business. At the moment I have been listening to a lot of electronic or dance music which has kept me feeling upbeat and helped me think about some of our exciting future shows which sadly are on pause for the moment. Then amazing producers like We Are All Astronauts that I have really got excited by recently for some down time. 

9) What will you do first as soon as lockdown is over? 

Have a party! There are so many friends I feel starved of seeing that Id love just to see them all in one go!

10) What workout/sports do you do? 

Walking mainly. I dont get a lot of time for sports but I spend a lot of time walking outside with my boys, playing games or pushing prams, so I am not short of fresh air thats for sure! Im not an exerciser at the best of times so I am trying to walk and facetime friends so I get moving!

11) Who has inspired you most in the public eye during this time? 

NHS Doctors and Nurses. Aren’t they just the biggest inspiration to us all? I admire the way they work so much and could never imagine doing what they do. I raise my hat to them all!

12) What positive things do you think will come out of this worldwide coronavirus pandemic?

A greater appreciation of time and to value the smaller things in life. We are all living a simpler life at the moment and in many ways it’s really nice. I think it will make us realise how fast life was moving before and how in some ways it was impossible to keep up with.