Today we speak with the amazing @Davina Catt who is a writer director and model. Davina has worked as a features journalist writing and editing for leading publications across the world including Vogue.com, British Vogue, Financial Times, Observer and as a features writer at The Evening Standard. She is currently a UK contributing editor at Interview magazine and also works alongside world known film directors and actors and has even written/directed a short film and written/directed/presented a documentaries.

1) What are the things that you have realised you miss most? 

Human touch and intimacy.  The poet John Keats once said; ‘Touch has a memory.’

2) Where are you at the moment?

I am in London – the city life confinement is difficult but ultimately this time is a test for everyone wherever you experience it.

3) What is your daily routine?

I have been conscious to keep a strong sense of daily routine to try and stay as sane as possible within these new confinement parameters – I think it’s about trying to find that sweet spot of focusing, being curious and using the time to explore new things whilst not beating oneself up that life isn’t moving forward right now. I am lucky enough to have had work and writing projects(not only features but small brands whom need help suddenly to build ecomm content), I write notes in a journal too  – which has always been a release for me. I get up pretty early, go into nature, go for a run, try and feel some sort of gratitude before getting on with what I have to do for that day. I find I am living intensely on simple things.

4) What is your favourite lockdown outfit?

My outfits seem to reflect the highs and lows of my emotions! It’s either my favourite Johnny Cash tee-shirt with jeans, working in vintage nightwear or a full on evening dress – culling pieces from my wardrobe to sell in aid of charity in this time, I came across a really simple, full length, silk  Lanvin dress from one of Elbaz’s earliest collections – feminine and dramatic. I’d happily work in one in one of the beautiful Verheyen jackets too! It’s all or nothing right now.

5) What do you do for mindfulness/things to keep you positive? 

Emotions are so heightened during this time, isolation is such a trigger for all sorts of things/past experiences (virus or no virus), I have been working hard to keep myself in a ‘week at a time’ mindset. I have been doing (crystal) energy healing for a long time. I have recently been following transcendental meditation with the David Lynch Foundation, (great way to steady the mind), which is difficult to access in the UK but was livestream-ed during these ‘new normal’ times. And simply reading a really well written book is all absorbing – and importantly takes one away from screens and endless apps.

6) What will you never take for granted again? 

Contact, freedom, the value of time and lived experience on both people and possessions.

7) What is your makeup and skincare routine?

I don’t wear a huge amount of makeup generally and to be honest I have had a complete break – to let my skin breathe. But before this time is over I am going to go through my makeup bag and have a re-sort and try out new things! I’ve always been stuck on this idea that red lip doesn’t suit me – so now seems like a good time to experiment and shift that. As for skincare, again, it’s less is more, I have sensitive skin and struggle to find products that function but don’t overclog – especially as we cross into a new season. During this time, I have luckily found Dr. Jack – he knows skin inside out, having worked as a specialist for skin cancer and all sorts of things and has curated his own line of excellent products based on anti aging and also incorporating supplements – all vegan, cruelty free, sustainable.

8) Favourite music/podcasts/books?

My grandfather was a film producer in the golden era so I am inherently drawn to the (often salacious) anecdotes/stories of those days – ‘You Must Remember This’ has been one of the most successful podcasts around and is excellently researched. I also like linking fashion to those relationships and moments – Dior has been exploring it’s heritage a lot in these Covid times, Bande a part is a podcast with a fashion historian take on past and present designers, collections etc. And there are plenty of discussions – particularly on BOF channel about where fashion as an industry can go from this crisis, which are of course pertinent and engaging. For some reason, I am finding French music the most soothing at this moment and anything by Olivia Laing whose a brilliant author – her themes are particularly relevant to what we are experiencing now in isolation, she even wrote a book ‘Art in an Emergency’ a while back.

9) What will you do first as soon as lockdown is over? 

Hug someone and have a haircut!

10) What workout/sports do you do? 

I regularly go for a run as a release. I am new to and really enjoying Ballet Beautiful with the very skilled Mary Helen Bowers – who combines ballet and fitness. I am doing Zoom pilates too. I am normally an active person – so during this time as much as I can fit in!

11) Who has inspired you most in the public eye during this time? 

Whom I am inspired and influenced by hasn’t really changed during these times, it’s just highlighted whom has come into the industry via social media and has little to say. I’ve had time to look through drawers and drawers of old work/archives -to reflect and reconnect. I came across a piece I wrote a few years ago for The Conversation set up by the wonderful Amanda De Cadenet – she’s someone whom isn’t afraid to put herself and experiences out there as a way to help others and create community.  Matt Haig is consistently brilliant on state of mind. I have also been enjoying the larger conversation that this crisis time has finally ignited in the fashion industry (which I have long been wanting) about fast fashion, constant new trends, too many collections per season etc. And for pure entertainment actor Richard E Grant has been reliably uplifting with his daily ‘Withnail and Isolation’ quotes – genius!

12) What positive things do you think will come out of this worldwide coronavirus pandemic?

I think the frenetic pace life had come to brought about combustion in the form of this pandemic. I hope it will slow the system down (particularly in fashion), I hope it will bring about more niche, curated conversations, storytelling. And ultimately more compassion.