Today we speak with the Talented Tessa Packard Jewellery Designer & Founder Contemporary Fine Jewellery Brand @Tessa Packard London. She is well known as jeweller for creating highly imaginative pieces. Always telling a story, she brings the magical world into her jewellery designs and Objet d’art, making each piece and collection incredibly unique and special. We are a huge fan of her jewellery and admire this wonderfully unique brand.

What are the things you realise you miss most?

Spontaneity; autonomy; tranquility

Where are you at the moment?

At home in Scotland. Lots of space, not much sunshine

What is your daily routine?

The morning and afternoon is mostly devoted to work, with a dog walk sneaked in to keep us all sane. I’m currently working on a 2020 exhibition of jewellery designs at the moment, so I’m spending most of time at my painting desk, finishing off pieces for that. By 5.30pm its switch-off-brain-time and I’m either feet up in front of the TV or I’m in the kitchen ready to cook. With all this extra time I’ve rather embraced cooking, having previously found it a real faff.

What is your favourite lockdown outfit?

Stonewashed jeans, cashmere jumper, extremely ugly slipper things. 

What do you do for mindfulness/things to keep you positive?

Watch crap like Tiger King; remind myself I’m healthy and lucky to be alive.

What will you never take for granted again?
International travel

What is your makeup and skincare routine?

A splodge of face cream in the morning, if I remember…

Favourite music/podcasts/books?

 I’m working my way through all of Malcolm Gladwell’s books. I’ve just finished Talking to Strangers which is truly illuminatingI think the man is a genius.

What will you do first as soon as lockdown is over?
Watch and wait. I’m somewhat dubious that life will return to normal immediately after everyone is ‘let loose’. 

What workout/sports do you do?
When I get the chance I ride, but otherwise it’s just walking. I categorically hate the gym.

Who has inspired you most in the public eye during this time?
Anyone and everyone who has maintained perspective and composure over the crisis. I know people who have lost friends and family members due to the virus, as well as their businesses and lively hoods. Superficial complaints of cancelled holidays and postponed weddings drive me mad.

What positive things do you think will come out of this worldwide coronavirus pandemic?

Hopefully a greater appreciation for life – both the small things and the big.