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Lockdown Conversations with Rosanna Lonsdale

We are excited to speak with the creative and talented @Rosannalonsdale 💖💖💖. Founder of @rosannalonsdale - she specialise in making lamps using decoupage techniques.

She is the girl to go to for decoupage and  gathered a huge following in the world of interiors. Each lamp is handmade in London, through a meticulous process of painting and decorating glass vases from the inside, using the 18th Century technique, Decalcomania.  

Rosanna designs lamps that you will cherish forever, each one designed as a piece of art – setting herself apart from the mass produced world and creating a sustainable and beautiful piece made with love.  

She got chatting to us about her daily routine in London.

Read below for the full interview.

1) What are the things that you have realised you miss most? 

I’ve missed the freedom of being able to change environment – to go to a buzzy restaurant with friends and family, and exploring a foreign city and beach!

2) Where are you at the moment?


3) What is your daily routine?

Working for myself, my routine hasn’t changed that much to be honest.  I wish I could say I manage some yoga before breakfast with a green smoothie but I’m not a morning person so I’ve learnt not to fight it! Tea wakes me up and then I get straight onto work around 9.30.  I find if I start the day productively, that I can enjoy my work much better without feeling as overwhelmed. 

I’m enjoying making a proper lunch and finishing cleanly at 6.30pm so that I can try and compartmentalise my working day.  

I’ve stolen our family dog for lockdown, so now have my day segmented with at least 3 walks which has been heavenly.

4) What is your favourite lockdown outfit?

I bought a new dress from Ghost that is floaty and in my absolute favourite colour, mustard yellow!  Its sunny and uplifting and makes me feel like I’ve made an effort as it could be quite smart – but I pair it down with white trainers.

5) What do you do for mindfulness/things to keep you positive? 

I have been doing tons of long walks in Richmond Park which is just absolutely beautiful.  It really lifts my mood being in nature especially when the sun is shining and I never regret a stroll around, its great for quietening a racing mind.

6) What will you never take for granted again? 

I’ve really made going outside a real priority since lockdown – seeking out beautiful places, so I won’t ever take for granted all the beauty that is on our doorstep.  We are so lucky to live in such a green country.  I will also not take for granted how we can magically just sit in an aeroplane chair and then have new countries and cultures at our fingertips.

7) What is your makeup and skincare routine?

I tend to have quite a simple routine.  I use the hot cloth cleanser Pure Hydration by Waitrose which is surprisingly one of my favourite finds! I’ve tried expensive brands but prefer this one as it doesn’t dry your skin – and being oil based, takes off all the make-up completely. I use the Emollient Rescue night cream by Ren which I’d definitely recommend as a night cream.  In terms of makeup I really love the Korean CC cream Erborian which starts off as white, but mixes to camouflage to your natural skin tone.  It’s light in texture and gives you a warm colour rather than a yellow tone.

8) Favourite music/podcasts/books?

I love the Highlow which is a current affairs podcast, which always has really interesting discussions, giving great book recommendations, as well as How to Fail.  This is a refreshing podcast where guests authentically discuss very raw and honest failures in their life.  It is very cathartic as you can gain so much more from learning from and relating to what they say. 

I’ve also really been enjoy the Pandemic Film Club on Instagram.  It recommends and curates reliably great movies to watch.

9) What will you do first as soon as lockdown is over? 

As soon as lockdown is over I look forward to going around to family and friends houses – and going for a swim in the sea! 

10) What workout/sports do you do? 

I’m currently doing no sport at the minute!  However I bought myself a yoga mat which made me feel good momentarily! I have however been doing really long walks in Richmond Park and just adore all the new time outside.   

11) Who has inspired you most in the public eye during this time? 

I’ve really enjoyed seeing Jennifer Garners stories on Instagram which celebrates all the creativity going on in people’s homes.  She shines lights on people from all ages/backgrounds/abilities – who perform something.  Not everyone is super talented but they are all trying which is the main thing.  Its great at inspiring people in a simple way, encouraging us to make the best of our situation.  

12) What positive things do you think will come out of this worldwide coronavirus pandemic?

I think people taking stock of what they’ve got – and appreciating the simple things like family, community, nature, good food and friends.  I feel we’ve been running around like a swarm of bees and being forced to slow down can bring a real sense of calm and peace.    

I love that there has been a big appreciation for the NHS, teachers and all the key workers – and I only hope that they get rewarded with very deserved pay rises.  

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