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Lockdown Conversations Sarah Kate Bryne Stylist and Founder of @maisondesaison

Today we speak with the style guru @sarahkatebryne – Fashion Stylist and founder of @maisondesaison

A well known stylist in the industry and in particular for Itv horse racing, she is a renouned for her style and elegance as a sustainable style icon.  Recognising there was a gap in the market for an event dedicated to women’s occasion wear, Sarah established “Maison de Saison” - a curated luxury womenswear pop-up devoted to the classic British season. 

1) What are the things that you have realised you miss most? 

Dressing up to go out, Friends, Takeaway coffee

2) Where are you at the moment?

In rural Ireland at my parents

3) What is your daily routine?

I don't have one...a bit of a disaster but I don't have any routine normally so at least Im consistent!

4) What is your favourite lockdown outfit?

I definitely don't have one. I packed in a hurry for a week or so and for cold weather and have ended up out of London for 5 weeks. 

5) What do you do for mindfulness/things to keep you positive? 

Long chats with friends are the best medicine

6) What will you never take for granted again? 

The ability to go where I please, when I please

7) What is your makeup and skincare routine?

No makeup. Lashings of moisturiser!

8) Favourite music/podcasts/books?

Quite a mixed bag...whatever tickles my fancy on a given day!

Podcasts:  Deliciously Ella, ideal time to really improve health and well being, Book: Jesse Burton, “The confession’ it’s a page turner.

9) What will you do first as soon as lockdown is over? 

Dress up for a gin martini with pals

10) What workout/sports do you do? 

Im not an exerciser at the best of times so I am trying to walk and facetime friends so I get moving!

11) Who has inspired you most in the public eye during this time? 

NHS workers across the board

12) What positive things do you think will come out of this worldwide coronavirus pandemic?

I really hope we maintain an attitude of gratitude and unity, and remember  what a surreal experience we all endured together.

Hopefully people will focus on what is actually important - health and happiness rather than wealth and possessions!

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