Limited Edition Embroidered Indian Love Mogul Shawl & Mink Fur


Verheyen London’s shawl is spun from the finest embroidered woven cashmere mix blend from Kashmir and finished with the most exquisite dyed mink. Its warmth envelopes you with luxury, perfect for travel and comfort wherever you are. This large shawl size pashmina with the highest quality mink dyed to match, is handmade by artisans and something totally unique. There is only 1 in the world, and it will be something to treasure forever.

Mink is sourced ethically – Saga Farms.

Product Details


Verheyen London Hand Embroidered Cashmere Blend Mink Trimmed Shawl
Mink Dyed to Match

One Size

Width: 73 cm
Height: 183 cm
Colour: Black & Gold Embroidery

Dyed Black Mink Trim
Cashmere & Wool blend mix from Kashmir

Made in Greece

Colour: Black & Gold

In stock

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