Our Fur & Cashmere



Verheyen London acquires its exquisite fur from Scandinavia. It is sourced from some of the most reputable and prestigious auction houses in the world where only the highest welfare standards and strictest rules and regulations are adhered to in the regulated farms that they deal with. We value this greatly as a future for the fur industry where animal welfare is first and foremost and therefore ensure the very highest quality fur is also produced.

Our fur is of this very high quality and we are proud that our products are origin assured and that these values are the stamp of Verheyen London.

As a member of The British Fur Trade Association we are part of the International Fur Federation and fully committed to the highest welfare standards for animals globally and this is of the upmost importance to us.

Verheyen London uses only bio-degradable vegetable dyes and tanning processes that are entirely non-toxic to the product and environment, carried out in either Greece or Italy.



Cashmere is gathered from goats living high in the Himalayan mountains, washed in the streams and rivers and spun on handlooms by artisans whose ancient art has been passed down through centuries. Verheyen London only uses the finest and very highest quality cashmere, sourced from India and Scotland where it is woven and perfectly chosen by Verheyen London for its exquisite colour. Fur is then specially dyed to match. This is the stamp of Verheyen London's products.


The Responsibility of Verheyen London

Verheyen London, in producing the finest and highest quality fur and cashmere, realises the extreme importance of the highest levels of animal welfare in order to produce such fine quality.  We are proud of these values and take this responsibility very seriously.

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